About Craig Cartwright:

After receiving a BFA degree in Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1991, my artistic pursuits led me to New York City where I began applying my illustration background into Fine Art oil paintings.

I quickly established myself in New York’s underground art scene throughout the 90's. Exhibiting at venues including CBGB’s 313 Gallery, The Gershwin Gallery, and also directing performance art, influenced by my paintings, at the Mazer Theater in Lower Manhattan. Commercial illustration work eventually brought me to Los Angeles where I've been hired by Pixar, Disney, Warner Brothers, and Ridley Scott designing storyboards, and concept illustrations for commercials, trailers, theatrical displays, and short films.

Although I have experimented with different painting styles over the years including abstract expressionism and a series of relief paintings, influenced by cave art pictographs, my first body of work established what is my signature illustrative style. Incorporating humanlike forms into surreal landscapes with underlying environmental themes attempting to reconnect the viewer with the natural world. I now reside in Venice, CA where I am revisiting and expanding my first series of paintings “Organica: Union with the Plant”.

 I have exhibited at the following galleries:
  • The Hive Gallery & Studios (Los Angeles, Ca.)
  • Cannibal Flower Galleries (Los Angeles, Ca.)
  • C.A.V.E. Gallery (Venice, Ca.)
  • Las Laguna Gallery (Laguna Beach Ca.)
  • Shinjuku Ganka Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Create:Fixate (Los Angeles, Ca.)
  • Cadillac Gallery (Venice, Ca.)
  • Focus Studio (Venice, Ca.)
  • Video Army (Venice, Ca.)
  • The Loft at Liz's (Los Angeles, Ca.)
  • Eickholt Gallery (New York City)
  • Gershwin Lounge Gallery (New York City)
  • CBGBs 313Gallery (New York City)