Paintings - 2016
I would describe my new work as Figurative Realism. Although the characters in my oil paintings are realistic, they exist in a not too distant future world where nature is in the process of regenerating. Each character is saving or nurturing some aspect of life that has been lost. I think of them as large scale storyboards of a feature film, each one telling a piece of a much larger story about our relationship with the world around us, and the possible outcome if humanity is unable to realize the impact we are having on the environment.

The Pollinators
42" x 36"
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36" x 48"
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48" x 36"
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Renew Rose
12" x 16"
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48" x 36"
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Paintings 2015
This work uses the human form as a conduit to illustrate concepts dealing with our mergence and integration with technology. Some characters are derived from dreamscapes influenced by the Pop Surrealism movement, and nurture eco systems within their own form. Nature as Fashion.

Hybreeds - 2010

Stiletto - 2008

Abstracts - 2005

Trees - 2003

Elements - 1999


Organica - 1997
A series of paintings that tell the story of a species of human like creatures called Organicans. The beings are a much more pure form of human unaffected by aggression, jealousy and inflated ego. Going through the cycle of life without resistance, birth, death and rebirth. 8 paintings, the number representing the symbol for infinity.